Project Update for 2018

Reviewing the project's status and what's coming next.

In just the first six weeks since the release of the project's first application, ModernMedia UI, it has been downloaded by hundreds of Media Center enthusiasts from over two dozen countries, with about half of the users located in the U.S. These statistics show that there is still strong interest in the continued development of WMC and also reaffirms the mission of this project.

Initial feedback has also been positive and is always encouraged either here or on The Green Button forum to help the direction of this effort more accurately reflect the needs and desires of the user base. Please help spread the word so that others can enjoy all of the great things coming soon, including ModernMedia UI+ in early 2018. Going into the new year and beyond, Windows 10 Media Center Community will continue to be a source of development for new applications related to Windows Media Center.

Thank you to all of the early supporters who have installed and used the first release. Check back soon for more.

Happy New Year!

UPDATE: Check out some of the new features that will be available soon for Windows Media Center.