Anniversary Update for ModernMedia UI+

New version available now.

Two years after the initial release of ModernMedia UI+, many of the remaining Media Center enthusiasts from around the world are enjoying the enhancements and new features the application provides. The latest release, version 1.3, is now available to download and includes a new section for advanced options. Users who have made a contribution to this project and have activated their copy will get exclusive access to these options. In addition, a number of fixes and improvements have been made in the newest resource build to coincide with this release. View the application description for details on all the new features!

Contributions of any amount are helpful to ensure continued development. To receive an activation code, click the "Get Activation Code" button on the ModernMedia UI+ product page and make a minimum contribution of $15.

Thanks for your support!

UPDATE: The application has been recompiled in order to support newer security protocols when downloading resources.