ModernMedia UI+

  • Version: 1.3.1
  • Released: 9/28/20
  • Size: 1.5 MB
  • Compatibility: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (x64, x86)
  • Requirements: Windows Media Center
    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Instantly upgrade the look and feel of your old Windows Media Center interface with a brand new, modern design. Not only has it undergone a complete overhaul, but many new features have also been added to make your Media Center experience the best it has ever been. Learn more about all of the new additions and enhancements.

  • Enable Theme: If checked, resources embedded within WMC files will be updated to enable the modern theme. If unchecked, the default resources will be restored.
  • Update Resources: Checks for updated theme resources. If available, the latest build will be downloaded and updates will be applied.

Aspect Mode

  • Widescreen Content (16:9): Automatically resets the aspect mode to the specified setting for widescreen video when tuning live TV or changing channels.
  • Standard Content (4:3): Automatically resets the aspect mode to the specified setting for standard video when tuning live TV or changing channels.


  • Visibility: Sets the default visibility of Closed Captioning and subtitles when tuning live TV or changing channels.


  • Load Scores and Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes: Displays data from Rotten Tomatoes on the program information screen.
  • Load Extended Movie Metadata from AllMovie: Shows full plots and reviews for movies, as well as additional movie data. This setting restores the native Rovi-sourced data for movies in WMC, a feature which Microsoft announced in January 2019 would be discontinued and was ultimately terminated in 2020.
  • Load Extended Cast and Crew Information from IMDb: Provides biographical data from IMDb for cast and crew members when pressing Ctrl+D on individual names within the Cast & Crew section of program information.
  • Load Supplemental Program Data from EPG123¹: Imports additional metadata for programs. A valid path to an existing EPG123 application directory must be specified. The option "Create UI+ support file" must also be enabled in the EPG123 Configuration GUI.
  • Display Localized Content Ratings: Shows ratings information for non-U.S. systems. Supported countries include Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom, France and Germany.


  • Weather Data: Sets the preferred unit of measurement (Fahrenheit or Celsius) for viewing weather information.
  • Display Current Weather on Start Menu: Shows local weather conditions on the Start menu in WMC.
  • Hide Seekbar During Skip and Replay: Prevents the seekbar from being displayed when using the skip and replay commands.
  • Hide EAS Information Bar: Prevents the EAS information bar and its associated scrolling text from being displayed when an alert generated by the Emergency Alert System is received. Applicable only to systems with cable tuners in the U.S.


  • Override Tuner Limits for TV Signal Setup³: Increases the maximum number of tuners allowed for configuration in WMC from 4 to 32 for each source type, i.e. cable, satellite, and terrestrial.
  • Ignore EAS Force-Tune Requests³: Prevents WMC from sending a tune request for a designated EAS channel when an alert generated by the Emergency Alert System is received. Useful for lineups in which the requested channel always fails to tune due to an incomplete or unknown mapping, resulting in a "Service Unavailable" or similar message for the duration of the alert. Applicable only to systems with cable tuners in the U.S.
  • Disable Volume Display Overlay³: Prevents the volume indicator from being displayed in WMC when the volume is adjusted.
  • Use Maximum Brightness for Captions Text³: Increases the brightness level of Closed Captioning text from ~83.5% to 100%.
  • Always List Closed Captioning Options in Settings³: Forces the Closed Captioning button to be displayed in TV Settings, enabling access to Closed Captioning options even when a DVB tuner is installed in WMC. By default, a Subtitle button appears instead if WMC is configured for use with a DVB tuner. Useful for systems with a combination of different tuner types, i.e. ATSC and DVB.
  • Remove Blue Tint from Start Menu Tiles³: Prevents WMC from applying a blue tint to inactive third-party tiles within Start menu strips.
  • Disable Prompt to Download Guide Listings³: Prevents a notification from appearing in WMC when entering the Guide with fewer than three days of listings remaining.
  • Preserve Window State on External App Launch³: Prevents WMC from being minimized to the taskbar when an external application is launched.
  • Suppress Errors on External App Launch³: Prevents error messages from appearing in WMC when an external application is launched. Useful for ignoring erroneous "Invalid Application" messages for programs that may return an unexpected response, such as multi-threaded apps or when a launcher is used to run the application.

Extra Features²

  • Recent Channels List: Enables logging of the last eight channels watched. The list can be viewed by pressing the right arrow during playback in WMC.
  • Dual Live TV Buffers⁴: Automatically buffers the current and previously tuned channels, enabling fast switching between channels, including pause and rewind capabilities. NOTE: Two new user accounts must be created manually and configured to emulate a Media Center Extender.


  • Status: Indicates the current status of the background server, which facilitates communication between ModernMedia UI+ and Windows Media Center. If stopped, any features that rely on it will no longer function. NOTE: Every time the application is opened, the server is automatically started if it is not already running.
[1] EPG123 must be installed separately; an active subscription to Schedules Direct is required [2] Activation is required in order to enable these options [3] Option is intended to support the versions of Windows Media Center most commonly used in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 (6.3.9600.16384), as well as Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601.17514), and may not be supported in other versions due to differences in byte addressing [4] Additional utilities must be installed separately
Graphical user interface of ModernMedia UI+.
Program guide with all-new design.
Redesigned mini-guide.
Movie synopsis with additional metadata.
Enhanced info bar using revised layout.
New seekbar and onscreen controls.