Introducing ModernMedia: New Apps for Entertainment on Windows

A brand new way to enhance your HTPC.

ModernMedia is part of an independent project for media application development. This effort picks up where Microsoft left off in the PC entertainment space after its official discontinuation of Windows Media Center in 2015. Currently, applications are being developed for Windows-based HTPCs and modern Windows devices as well as existing Windows Media Center setups, providing an extended lease on life for WMC enthusiasts. The upcoming array of ModernMedia apps will bring a range of features, including streaming, media management, and utilities for customization and control.

The first release, ModernMedia UI, makes it simple to configure advanced WMC settings, enabling users to tweak their systems as desired. After years of registry edits and undocumented hacks to set various parameters, there is finally a utility offering easy configuration of some of the most advanced settings available, none of which are exposed natively. Supported platforms include Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

In addition, work is nearing completion on ModernMedia UI+, a separate release which will offer a brand new modern theme for WMC, plus additional features to further enhance the interface. More apps in the ModernMedia lineup will be launching throughout 2018.

Contributions to help offset the time and resources required to create these applications are greatly appreciated. Your support and feedback is crucial to the project's continued development.

Check back soon as the next release will begin to roll out shortly!