Customize Your Media Center Setup with ModernMedia UI

Configure advanced, hidden settings for WMC with ease.

ModernMedia UI is a free GUI utility allowing Windows Media Center users to access powerful settings that cannot be configured natively. In the past, extensive registry editing was required to change these values. Now they are all compiled in a simple, easy-to-use application. Configuration options include settings to adjust interface features, make graphics tweaks and modify playback controls. The application supports Windows 7 and later.

There are several settings in particular that can really make a difference in your setup. It is highly recommended to turn off overscan, which will display the full video frame without borders being cropped. You also may want to extend the live TV buffer to at least an hour, possibly two or three hours, enabling you to pause and rewind live TV much longer than the default value of 40 minutes. Closed Captioning can also be styled to remove the standard solid background by changing CC Background Opacity to Transparent. A plethora of additional parameters can be set so that you can get the most out of your Media Center!